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Refine All Metals Ltd.
359 Canarctic Dr.
Downsview, ON, M3J 2P9
Phone: (for the Trade) 416.736.6052
Toll: 800.785.2371
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For highly valued gold items
and insure the items
UP TO $1,000.00

Refine All will donate $2 to
The Canadian Cancer Society
for every gold kit we receive

Our donation will help fund research on all types of cancer.

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Cash for Gold Company in
Toronto, Canada: Cash for Gold

Cash for Gold in Toronto:
Toronto Cash for Gold
Get the most cash for
your old gold.

#1 Trusted Gold Buyer & Refiner for Over 25 Years

If you're looking for a different kind of precious metal refiner-one with fast service, cutting-edge expertise, and an honest reputation-you've come to the right place.
You must only deal with a legitimate company that's been in the gold buying business for years and has it's very own On-Site Refinery, therefore eliminating the "middle man".
Consumers are being advised to beware of gold buyers acting as Middle-Men in the gold refining Industry, that are seriously undervaluing your used gold and only paying a fraction of what it's worth. They use slogans "we pay you 3x more" but their prices are only 1/3 of the actual gold price.

Always ask them what they pay per gram for 10K or 14K or 18K
and then compare with our prices!  See Our Gold Buying Tips...

Refine All Metals offers customers the following options:

For the Public in General: Cash for Gold

To sell to the refiner broken, unwanted and old jewelry, along with gold, platinum, diamonds and other fine jewelry for the highest payouts.  Customers can get as much as 350% more cash  for their unwanted gold and jewellery than what most of other gold buyers offer, and we do it faster - Guaranteed!
Check out our prices now!

This option only available to customers who request a free gold kit and mail in their lots.  We pay customers within 24hrs of receipt of their lots GUARANTEED!  Click Here to Request Your Free Gold Kit.

For the Trade:

To refine lots from start to finish. Usually karat metallic lots are  processed and assayed in 24hrs.  Low grade materials, such as sweeps and polishings may take longer up to 72hrs.  Lots must be accepted by management before being shipped to Refine-All Metal Ltd.  Customers can be paid by cheque, money order, bank draft, bank wire, PayPal, pure gold bars & grain, or pure silver bars & grain.  See Our refining payout percentages, rates and service charges.

Make sure you ask other gold buying companies what they will pay you, per gram, for your(10,14,18Kt)precious metals. Be weary of gold buyers that won't quote you a price over the phone, or try to tempt you with an immediate, but unfair payout of cash for gold. As well, be cautious dealing with gold buying companies which do not advertise their gold pricing on their web sites. We always advertise our pricing on our website and abide by the posted prices.

Refine-All Metals Ltd Buy Prices in Canadian Dollars/gram
Bid prices as of 01/19/2018 at 17:01 New York Time
Exchange rate: USD = 1.25 CAD
Gold Silver Platinum Palladium
$ US 1330.60 $ US 17.00 $ US 1010.00 $US 1096.00
Materials 10 - 50 Grams 50 -300 Grams 300 - 1500 Grams Store Credit /Gr.
9kt $ 14.04 $ 14.44 $ 15.44 $ 16.04
10kt $ 15.82 $ 16.49 $ 17.38 $ 17.82
14kt $ 23.4 $ 24.02 $ 24.33 $ 24.95
18kt $ 30.08 $ 30.88 $ 31.28 $ 32.08
21kt $ 36.03 $ 36.5 $ 36.96 $ 37.9
22kt $ 37.74 $ 38.23 $ 38.72 $ 39.7
24kt $ 41.71 $ 42.24 $ 42.78 $ 43.31
Dental $ 26.74 $ 27.07 $ 27.24 $ 27.41

Materials 10 - 50 Grams 50 -300 Grams 300 - 1500 Grams Store Credit /Gr.
.800 $ 0.37 $ 0.38 $ 0.4 $ 0.41
.925 Sterling $ 0.44 $ 0.46 $ 0.46 $ 0.47
Bullion 999 $ 0.57 $ 0.58 $ 0.59 $ 0.6

Materials 10 - 50 Grams 50 -300 Grams 300 - 1500 Grams Store Credit /Gr.
Platinum Jewelry 900 $ 25.57 $ 26.3 $ 26.67 $ 27.4
Pure Platinum $ 29.63 $ 30.04 $ 30.85 $ 32.47

Candian Coins
1966 and earlier (dollar, half dollars, quarters and dimes)
1967 (dollar, half dollars, quarters and dimes)
$ 0.38 $ 0.22

US Coins
1964 and earlier (dollar, half dollars, quarters and dimes) 90% pure
40% pure (1965 - 1970 half dollars only)
$ 0.43 $ 0.16



Simply fill out the form below to request your Free Gold Kit.
Include your gold jewellery and precious metals in the pre-paid, secured envelope and send it back to us.
Receive a cheque in your mailbox within days - satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

First Name:
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Suite / Apt:
Province / State:
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* I certify that I am of 18 years of age or older and agree to the Refine All Metals Terms & Conditions


Refine All Metals 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your payment amount and feel that your items have not been fairly evaluated by Refine All Metals Ltd, simply notify us, then return your check within 7 days of the date printed on the cheque. Refine All Metals Ltd will immediately return your items. It's 100% guaranteed!

Refine-All Metals Ltd. is a full service precious metal refiner and manufacturer. As a refiner, we assay, buy and process all forms of gold , silver, platinum and palladium bearing scrap emanating from businesses such as jewellery manufacturers, pawn shops, dental labs, gold buyers, private clients and industrial processes. As a manufacturer, we produce casting and rolling alloys, as well as finding and pattern sheets for the jewellery industry.

For more than 23 years Refine-All has built a strong reputation, not only for providing our valued customers with personalized, courteous, prompt, efficient and state of the art refining, smelting and assaying services, but also for integrity, honesty and reliability, as supported by our many satisfied customers.

Our philosophy keeps the refining process plain and simple by providing our customers with instant and immediate services for readily meltable precious materials, where the waiting periods are measured in minutes and the settlements are based purely on metal accountabilities (percent of metal recovered).  There are no refining and treatment charges, minimum lots or hidden charges.

Gold Buyers
Jewellery manufacturers
Pawn shops
Dental laboratories
Jewellery setters

The general public, & people who want to turn old gold and silver jewellery and coins into fast money

We’re here to serve you, the customer, and it shows in everything we do. We give you full control over the treatment of your scrap metal, and will tailor our settlements to suit your needs. Our fast turnarounds and high payments for metals are what keep our customers coming back and are the reason for our strong reputation.

Immediate settlements for small gold metallic lots while you wait. Bigger metallic lots may take 24hrs.
State of the art accurate assays with fees of $25.00 or less for gold or silver.
No melting fees for lots smaller than 500g if metal is purchased or refined.
Personalized service.
Tailored settlements and advances. You decide - pure gold or cheque.
No refining and treatment fees, no hidden charges and no minimum lots.
Refining free pick up services in Toronto and vicinity.
Only certified gold bars (999) are paid out to customers
Electronic payments through PayPal for customers who need cash the same day.

"Thank you for the express and courteous service, I was really very satisfied with the results, honesty, and integrity of your refining operations. I wish I had known you guys before...."

Tom P, Toronto

"Refine-All Metals is really a first class cash for gold operation.  It was a pleasure doing business with you guys.. The Gold Kit arrived in 3 days and I had my check within a week, it was so fast and easy. Please send me another gold kit."

Donna B, BC

“I was shocked, I couldn’t believe you would pay me that much for my broken gold jewellery Refine All Metals Ltd you are the best and you pay the most. Thank you again for the service."

Linda T, Richmond Hill

I would highly recommend you to my business associates for the fastest refining and settlement service I have ever experienced....

Fred B, Buffalo


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