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Refine All Metals Ltd.
359 Canarctic Dr.
Downsview, ON, M3J 2P9
Phone: (for the Trade) 416.736.6052
Toll: 800.785.2371
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Services For the Public in General:

Refine All Metals Ltd is in the business of refining and buying gold and precious metal jewellery - it's a fact!

Refine All Metals Ltd pays much more cash for gold than other gold buyers of precious metals simply because we are a gold refinery. This allows us to cut middle man costs and pay you the most for your broken and unwanted precious metal jewelry . In fact our payouts fairly reflect the actual value of the gold in your items and not a small fraction of the actual value of the gold other gold buyers are paying.

Gold prices are at record highs...

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Cash for Gold Tips

A few tips will help you get the maximum price for your scrap gold
and will protect you from scam companies.
1. Research the company thoroughly. Some companies will tell you they’ve been in business for years but neglect to tell you that most of that time weren't buying gold. Be sure any company you’re considering states that they’ve been buying gold for at least ten years. The more experience the company has, the more smoothly the transaction will go. They will also be more likely to offer you top dollar for your gold.

2. Check out the company Web site. Does the website clearly state the company policies regarding buying and selling gold? Is there a physical address? If the company only lists a post office box, be wary. This is sometimes a tip-off that the company is a recent business that wants to be able to fold up shop quickly in the event of a problem.

3. Look for a company that has lots of communication options. The easier it is to reach someone to talk to about your concerns, the more likely it is you’ll be happier with the results when selling your gold. If a Web site that buys gold clearly posts an e-mail address and a toll-free telephone number, its a good start.. This means the company is dedicated to making your gold transaction as simple and reassuring as possible. Give the company a call and ask a few questions; you’ll learn a lot about the company’s values and dedication to potential clients with a simple phone call.

4. Don't get locked into a transaction too soon. Some companies have fine print in their agreements stating that once you send your gold, you have to accept whatever they offer in payment. Selling gold shouldn't mean a commitment to sell without knowing the price. A reputable company will contact you with a quote and let you decide whether selling gold to them is a wise decision.

5. Avoid companies that are middlemen. You must only deal with a legitimate company that’s been in the gold buying business for years. Has it's Very Own On-Site Refinery, Therefore Eliminating the "Middle Man" Consumers are being advised to beware of gold Buyers that are acting as Middle-Men in the gold refining Industry , seriously undervaluing your used gold and only paying a fraction of what it's worth. They use slogans "we pay you 3x more" but their prices are only 1/3 of the actual gold price. You’ll get the best possible price by selling to a company that has its own gold refinery. These companies buy scrap gold and melt it down themselves and then refine it  so they can cut pretty close to the actual value when offering to buy your scrap gold. If the company buys from you, then turns around and re-sells the gold to someone else, they have to have a profit margin for themselves. They will usually do this by making you an offer that is substantially less than the gold is worth.

6. Make sure you ask other gold buying companies what they will pay, per gram, for your 10, 14 and 18 karat gold. Be weary of gold buyers that won't quote you a price over the phone, or try to tempt you with an immediate, but unfair payout. Also, be cautious dealing with gold buying companies which do not advertise their gold pricing on their web sites.

Also, do your homework on current gold prices. Don't assume that because a company is willing to post the current prices they are offering for scrap gold that they are offering a good price. Compare the price they are offering to the current actual value of gold on the open market. Our web Web site is a great source of information on current precious metal values. When selling gold, you should be offered a price that is around 75 to 85 percent of the actual value. Unfortunately, you may find companies that offer as little as 40 percent of the actual value of your gold.

7. Make sure your gold will be insured in-transit. If you will be selling a lot of gold to a company or even simply sending it in to get a price quote, the company should fully insure it for the estimated value. Shipments are occasionally lost in the mail or during shipping, so proper insurance is a must to protect you.

Above all, be cautious, ask questions and make a decision that's based on the facts. If you do this, selling gold for cash will bring you a great return.


Services For Industry in General:


At Refine All Metals Ltd., we understand how hard it can be to find a precious metals refining company that is fast and reliable and and gold buyer that is fair, fast, and reliable.  That’s why we put all our effort into providing a level of service that keeps our customers coming back time and again.

For Fastest Service set up an appointment and visit us in Person

When you bring your readily meltable scrap metal to us, we will examine, sort, and weigh it, and then melt it into a bar, weigh it again, and then assay it. If your metal is already in bar form, we will usually not alter or melt it in any way, unless our tests show that it is not homogenous.

We will return the value of your metal bar, based on its karat,
in your choice of the following methods:

Gold bars, gold grains, or the equivalent value in platinum alloy
Another payment method of your choice

If you are not completely satisfied with our assay of your bar, we’ll return the bar to you, no questions asked. You will only be charged for the cost of the assay and melting. Alternatively, you have the option of sending a sample of your bar to a qualified independent laboratory for assaying. We will take care of drilling the bar for the sample. We will also drill a second sample, labeled “Umpire,” as a backup in case the lab results of the first sample are outside the splitting limits.

If you can’t visit us, mailing your metal to us is the next best thing. Our service is just as fast: same day for individual pieces, and one day for small shipments. Larger shipped lots may take longer.

Once we receive your shipment, we will weigh the package itself as well as the metal contents inside. If there is any discrepancy between our weight and yours, we will always contact you before proceeding.

We will then proceed to melt your precious metal scrap and assay it to determine its karat. You then have the option of receiving a cheque for the value of the metal or having your account credited with the metal amount in it. We can also ship your refined metal back to you in commercial bullions for a small charge.

We specialize in refining floor sweeps, polishings, filings, grindings, sink sludge, bench sweeps, as well as solutions bearing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Again, fast service is our hallmark. We can refine sweeps and large melt-able lots in up to 72 hours. And our years of experience and cutting-edge technology allow us to recover the highest possible yields from your precious metals.

The process for refining sweeps is similar to the process described above. We first weigh them, and then burn and mill them into a fine powder for assaying. Your lots are always kept isolated and never mixed with other lots.

As always, you have the choice in how the value of your precious metals are returned to you, whether by cheque, bank wire, the equivalent value in other precious metals, or another method of your choice.

We treat precious metal jewelry containing diamonds and stones by separating them from the metal using a unique wet chemical processes that doesn't harm the diamonds or stones. We return all your stones in a form ready to be set, keeping the integrity and color of the stones intact.

Call us today to start turning your precious metals into fast cash!

1 (800) 785-2371


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