Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium


Refine-All Metals Ltd. is a full service refiner for GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, and PALLADIUM. We specialize in refining for the jewelry industry, processing everything from scrap to polishing sweeps.

By refining, the uncertainty of the amount of precious metal in the scrap is eliminated and the exact precious metal content is determined. Therefore, we can pay such a high metal accountability. This is truly the best way for customers to receive the highest return for their scrap material.

payout percentages, rates and service charges.

The rates listed below are based on fine metal weight produced after melt. Fees for melting and assaying apply.

Please Contact Refine-All Metals Ltd for information on other precious materials and their rates.

Precious Metals:

Payout Rates:

Gold scrap jewellery, castings, gates & sprues, karated bars UP TO 99%
Gold bench cuttings, filings and sweeps scrap, grindings 96%
Silver coins, castings sprues, scrap jewellery, bars, cutlery 90%
Silver electrical contacts 90%
Platinum castings, sprues, scrap jewellery, bars, coins 90%
Gold dental grindings, castings, sprues, fillings, bridge work, caps 95% Au, 89% Pt, 89% Pd, 90% Ag
Gold containing polishing dust, floor sweeps, filters, sink sludge 93%

Readily Meltable Materials

Melt and Assay

100g to 500g

501g to 5000g

Gold No Charge $250.00
Platinum $150.00 $250.00
Silver $100.00 $250.00
First Assay $25.00 $25.00
Additional Assay $25.00 $55.00
Sweep Gold assay $75.00 $75.00
Additional Sweep Assay $25.00 $25.00
Sweeps Preparation & Pre-treatment $5/kg gross weight received $5/kg gross weight received

Lots smaller than 500g – no charge for melting.