Gold Refining Shipping Information for the Trade

We refine and purchase:

  • Karat gold scrap and silver scrap
  • Platinum and palladium scrap
  • Dental scrap
  • goes
  • Bench sweeps, filings, and buffings
  • Polishings, filters, and emery paper
  • Gold-filled jewellery
  • Silver contacts
  • Photo and x-ray ash
  • Silver solder

We do not refine:

  • Rocks or sand
  • Electronic circuit boards
  • Plated silver and gold
  • Plating solutions
  • Film and photo paper
Please mail all shipments Approved by Management to:

Refine All Metals
1470 Centre St, Unit 3,
Thornhill, ON L4J 3N1

Pick-up available!
Contact Us for Details

If you have any questions please contact us through one of the following methods:

Telephone: 416.736.6052
Toll free: 800.785.2371
Fax: 416.736.4334

We’ve made sending your scrap as easy as possible.

Simply follow the steps below to prepare your package for shipping refining lots.
Refine All Metals will pick up the shipping tab for lots worth $5000 or more.


Please Note: refining lots can not be shipped without first getting approval for such shipment from management.

Step1: Fill out the Refining Shipping Form
  • Include all of your contact information, including name, address, daytime phone number, and email address
  • Be sure to provide an accurate description of all material you are sending, listing the type and weight of each material separately. For example:
    1. 10K Sterling silver
    2. 14K Platinum wire
  • You can refer to your materials according to the following categories:
    1. Gold scrap-karat jewellery, scrap, and bench filings
    2. Silver scrap and filings
    3. Platinum scrap and filings
    4. Palladium scrap and filings
    5. Gold filled scrap, watch bands, and optical scrap
    6. Floor-sweeps, polishings, buffings, emery, and filters*
    7. * These are processed separately from readily melt-able materials.
  • Note any special information, such as processing or return instructions
  • Please indicate your settlement preferences
Step2: Wrap your jewellery scrap and filings in heavy plastic bags (separately, if possible). Seal the bags, and then place them in a sturdy shipping box
  • We strongly recommend that you use strong sealing tape and that you double-bag the materials or use large-mouthed plastic bottles
  • Use packing material, such as bubble-wrap or newspaper, to prevent shifting during shipping
Step3: Affix the Pre-Printed Shipping Labels to the box
  • The “Ship-to” address goes in the center and the “Shipped-from” in the upper-left corner, just like a normal letter.
  • Do not make any mention of precious metals on the outside of your package.
Step4: Ship Your Package

If you are shipping with the Canadian or U.S. postal service, you can drop your package off at your nearest post office. You can also drop it off by appointment at our facility:

Refine All Metals Ltd. 
1470 Centre St, Unit 3,
Thornhill, ON L4J 3N1

If you use FedEx, UPS, Brinks, or the federal postal service, it is recommended that you ship all precious metals registered and insured. Insurance coverage is available through most carriers.

Refine All Metals can schedule an insured FedEx pickup at your location. We will pay for shipping costs of up to $50 (coupon required) for settlements of $5000. Final shipping costs in excess of $50 will be deducted from your final settlement. Insurance and overnight costs not included.
Please call for a quote.