We specializes in processing polishings, floor sweeps, filings, grindings, sink sludges, bench sweeps and solutions bearing gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We can proudly say that throughout the years we have refined our refining processes to a degree which enables us to recover the highest possible yields from these materials.



Usually karat metallic lots are processed and assayed in 24hrs. Low grade materials, such as sweeps and polishings may take longer up to 48hrs. Lots must be accepted by management before being shipped to Refine-All Metals Ltd. Each lot received is completely isolated from start to finish and is not mixed with other lots.

Customers can be paid by cheque, money order, bank draft, bank wire, PayPal, pure gold bars & grain, or pure silver bars & grain. 

Again, fast service is our hallmark. We can refine sweeps and large melt-able lots in up to 48 hours. And our years of experience and cutting-edge technology allow us to recover the highest possible yields from your precious metals.

Before refining your sweeps we first weigh them, and then burn and mill them into a fine powder for assaying. Your lots are always kept isolated and never mixed with other lots.

As always, you have the choice in how the value of your precious metals are returned to you, whether by cheque, bank wire, the equivalent value in other precious metals, or another method of your choice.

We are open to discuss your needs should other refining arrangements are required.

Refine-All Metals Ltd Gold Refining does not accept for processing the following:

– Gold, silver and rhodium plating solutions

– Cyanide solutions

– Solutions or metals containing mercury